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What is a website audit and why do you need one?

If you have a website and need to know your website speed, tags, keywords, search engine optimization, the version you are using and the drawback on your website audit is required.

To improve your SEO and integrate new features and implement trending digital solutions such as personalization, optimizing your content, marketing optimization, artificial intelligence, machine learning and campaigns

Website Audit
Site Audit

But, what is a site audit?

A website audit gives a complete analysis of all factors that determines your site’s visibility in search engines. This can include, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Indexed pages
  • Page errors
  • Site speed
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Optimized, updated content
  • Metadata
  • Responsiveness to devices
  • Backlinks
  • Social signals

To conduct a site audit, SEO firms generally run various tests and generate detailed reports, which are then analysed for insight on any existing website issues.

Based on the audit our expert gives a walkthrough to explain the suggestions, changes, prioritize to suggestion and gives the necessary actions to be carried out.

Implement the best SEO practice and make your audit for the pros and cons to increase customer experience. For example, if the results of your audit conclude that your pages are missing metadata, then you may want to consider adding that information to your site.

If the SEO is implemented then go for a site audit to check on place the website lags to deliver the personalized content for the customers. Perhaps, for example, site audit will give whether your site is desktop as well as mobile user friendly or not and the suggestions to improve the performance of the website.

Our website audit sets the right priorities

All your website updates will be detected and suggested in the website audit. We review your website through a standard checklist and create a detailed report with relevant insights.

Comprehensive Study of your Website

Our pre-defined standard checklist allows us to validate each critical element contributing to the website’s success.

Clear Reports

Our report document is self-explanatory with systematic indices that contain detailed descriptions of the issues we logged in and suggestions to improve them.

Quick Turn Around Time

Lightning responses are one of our USPs, and our team has a strong belief in our core values. We usually need a maximum of 5 working days to create yours.

Dedicated Walkthrough

Out experts once the audit is done gives a walkthrough to explain the suggestions, changes, prioritize to suggestion and gives the necessary actions to be carried out.

Solution for you Digital Needs

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